Our vision

“Champagne for everyone.“ This is our motto. We want to offer great products at affordable prices so that everyone can buy good and reasonably priced food. It is that simple.

 We love to optimise

We do not only reach this goal through our competence. Especially our more than 25 years of experience help us to remain the passion to optimise. It has never got lost. The permanent need to optimise is what makes TSI special. Others go for the compromise, we take a look at the bigger picture and target it with our knowledge. Innovation is our striking force, excellent service is our expertise.

Champagne for everyone

 “Champagne for everyone“ does not work out by cutting costs. It works by knowing that if you stop improving today, you won’t be good tomorrow.

Advice from the best

Our TSI team is composed of experts. They are competent and focused. Each of them knows their area and this makes them the perfect advisors for any inquiry – be it a particular step in your process or a whole new concept. We are here if you need an expert in the FMCG sector. With us, you can achieve the best results.


Make the most of your ideas 

Over 80 team members help clients from different background all over the world. We work by having the bigger picture in mind: From the initial idea up until developing and launching the final product as well as providing options for logistics and distribution aspects. Permanent innovation is our driving force. We believe that everything can be improved continuously. This happens through many small steps. New products, new resources, new processes and in conclusion: a new, better price or a better product at the same price.

Always choose to be better

TSI does not aim for a lot but for the most essential aspect: to bring out the best of an idea and optimise transaction costs. So that you can offer the perfect product and your consumers can gain affordable access to it.