­­1994: TSI is founded as “Trade Service International”. The first product is “Meine kleine Kuh” toffees. Annual volume: over 4,000 tonnes. The first customer is Metro.

1995: Entry into the instant products business. The time for astronomical prices is past. The first item is instant cappuccino and the first major account is Metro.

1998: Entry into the spice business. Together with our powerful partners, we begin to build up Cadea, our national alternative brand. The first successes materialise rapidly.

1999: Things get even better:  The beginning of a long-standing and successful collaboration with our new partners for instant products. We become even more powerful. The competition slowly gets cold feet.

2000: TSI has twelve employees, the turnover is about 15 mio. €. The old office reaches its capacity maximum. The move into a new office building is necessary.

2001: We adapt to the market circumstances. From individual business company Trade Service International TSI GmbH & Co. KG emerges.

2003: Founding of the subsidiary Drinkpool GmbH, in order to force TSI’s commitment in the beverages market. Practically from the outset, we become the market leader in the 5l segment.

2005: We celebrate two jubilees: We market the 500th private label and 10 years of instant.

2008: TSI has more than 500 customers and is managing a worldwide network of producers with more than 100 partners.

2009: Our business rests on 5 pillars: retail trade dry assortment, alcohol free drinks, individual retail trade, vending and export.

2012: These segments are extended steadily and supported by new employees. The turnover increases, the office facilities expand and new brands come to life.

2013: Specialization of export to Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

2014: 20-year anniversary and first pharmacy-exclusive brand for food supplements.

2015: Market launch of NearFood brands and DLG award for long – term product Quality.


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