We persistently pursue our idea: champagne for all!

Good does not have to be expensive, it is rather a fair access to the quality product. We assume that the modern, mature consumer is less and less willing to finance expensive marketing Budgets with his consumption. It is about the product itself.

At this level, it is our ambition to implement the best product at the fairest price – without large advertising budgets. This benefits the consumer, who gets more for his money because he has to pay less. Our actions are based on the fact that everyone involved in the process, such as customers, suppliers and employees, benefits from it.

We achieve this by generating production advantages around the world for the retail trade and ultimately the customers. In an intelligently managed value chain, TSI takes over product development and coordinates all further activities, such as production, logistics and the global marketing of the products.


  • Head Office Zeven

    TSI GmbH & Co. KG

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    TSI GmbH & Co. KG

    Lennéstraße 5 · 10785 Berlin

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