“The man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.“ We agree with Mark Twain on this one.

Our experience confirms this quote. Every idea can turn into a great  success if it gets realised cleverly. We are here to help you.

Lower your transaction costs

Improve even more.

At TSI we are proud of supplying almost all big retailers in Western Europe – food & non-food retailers as well as drugstores. Our clients value our service and fair pricing. TSI’s USP is simple: we can decrease your transaction costs.

Why buy from TSI? You either get a better product at an existing price or the usual market quality at a better price. This is how we have earned our clients’ trust.

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We constantly develop new products for our own portfolio and use our own production facilities for this. Use this as an advantage for your own brand. Because of optimised production and logistics, you are guaranteed an easier and faster access to good products. You will benefit within your market and profit from higher margins.

Our desirable private label products serve as an inspiration to create exclusive products or entirely new brand experiences.

Personalised strategies

Let the experts take over

TSI is here to help you decide on the best product or develop the right strategy for your needs. Get in touch with our experts to receive individual advice for your optimised solution.

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