It has been almost 150 years in which consumers enjoy buying products from vending machines. This undeniably led to highly improved technologies and even better machines.

We are here to fill these high-tech vending machines with the best products.

Make use of our expertise

We help you decrease your transaction costs.

TSI delivers instant products and non-alcoholic drinks in optimised packaging for vending machines. Our 450 clients in Germany include big vending companies as well as multiple small businesses. They know our USP: improving transaction costs to create higher margins for our clients.

At TSI you can also choose to order an amount of 200 articles per box. If you order more than 40 boxes, TSI will deliver carriage free and within 48 hours. This is unrivaled service.

Choose the best

Thanks to TSI.

TSI works like a bank. Let us finance your “working capital“ through reasonable and long payment options. TSI also offers storage options. Within 48 hours you can access your range without caring about logistics.

Personalised strategies

Strive for more with us.

Do you want to launch a product in a new market? TSI is here to help you decide on the best product or develop the right strategy for your need. Get in touch with our experts to receive individual advice for your optimised solution.