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TSI sells more than 125 million products in seven categorieseach year. The product portfolio includes more than 150 own brands and over 2,000 items.

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TSI Brands

- Energy drinks in different sizes
- Available in both bottles and cans
- Instant Cappuccino in different flavours
- 1 kg advantage size
- Sauces such as Dip Sauces, Peri Peri Sauces, Chilli Sauces
- Soy sauces
- Cooking pastes like Ginger & Garlic Paste, Sambal Oelek
- Curry pastes
- Oils
- Coconut milk & cream
- Cookies
- Mini Wafers
- Sugar Reduced Cookies
- Instant Cappuccino in different flavours
- Instant Drinking Chocolate
- 3in1 and 2in1 with coffee creamer and sugar/cane sugar
- Available in sachets, sachets or sticks
- Milk caramels
- Cream caramels in different flavours
- Coffee whitener
- Skimmed milk powder
- Whole milk powder
- Powdered sweetener
- Sweetener tablets
- Fructose
- Cappuccino & Drinking Chocolate
- Erythritol and Xylitol
Vending filling products for vending machines
- Coffee as whole bean or instant - both in BIO quality and conventional
- Drinking Chocolate
- Topping & Creamer
- Tea
- Milk drinks
- Sugars
- Soups
- Spices in different packaging
- Glass shaker
- Mill
- Premium Mill
- Refill bags
- Spice mixtures in tins
- Tins and bags for bulk consumers
- Mini mills with chillies from all over the world
- Household cleaners
- WC Stones
- WC Flushers
- WC chlorine flushers
- Still
- Functional water with fibres or vitamines
- Water with caffeine
- Flavoured with different flavourings
- Spice mixtures
- Single Organic spices
- Rice
- Ready to eat meals
- Chutneys
- Cooking pastes
- BCAA Energy Drinks with caffeine

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