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Home sweet home, but the world is waiting for you. We work across borders to provide our products worldwide.

TSI distributes own products in Europe as well as in new foreign markets.

Why TSI?

Welcome to our world

Over the past 25 years, TSI has embodied the German concept of fast service, where rapid and steady sales growth year after year has validated our concept of product development in line with market demands, and as in European markets, so is the goal around the world, where we constantly strive to strengthen our network of business relationships on a solid basis by acquiring experienced and knowledgeable business partners. our network of solid business relationships by acquiring experienced and knowledgeable business partners, which of course requires sales experts with a passion for creativity, specialized in dealing with global markets and fluency in all major world languages, which is what we have and are proud of.

Whether in the Middle East, Far East, Africa or South America, TSI adapts its products to the target countries with individualized solutions that suit the consumer’s needs without borders. Whether it’s packaging, language, design or even components, this is done exclusively in coordination with our more than 200 business partners outside the EU.

Organised internationally

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Quality made in Germany.

Developing new and innovative products – this is what we focus on in Germany. Internationally, we are exporting our TSI product range across the entire globe. Our clients are based in Europe, North Africa, Middle and the Far East and multiple Asian countries. We are happy to adapt products for different target countries and thereby guarantee the most efficient distribution. Individual solutions and maximising your turnover are our key strengths.

Made in Germany

This mark has long symbolized incomparable quality and given unlimited confidence to buyers and sellers alike. With this in mind, TSI offers its range of internationally successful, premium fast-spinning products at competitive prices under strict German quality standards

Successful international products

King George Instant Teegetränk Mango Passions Frucht, Action Energy Drink Regular, Hammer Energy Drink, Sucofin Süßstoff Table Top Sweetener

TSI products are widely recognised around the world. Our brands such as Action, Hammer, King George and Sucofin are key sellers in foreign markets and true consumer favourites. Expand your range with our successful TSI products to achieve higher margins and higher turnovers.

Our Products

TSI provides more than 1300 quality products across 7 major categories under more than 100 registered brands, these brands are quickly gaining consumer satisfaction around the world, we invite you to boost your sales and increase your profits by expanding your portfolio.

Our Products

More than 500 ready-made products in the fast-casual category (including ready-made vending machines)

More than 400 ready-made products in the spices and herbs category

More than 200 ready-made products in the confectionery category

More than 150 products in the light beverages category

More than 50 products in the detergents and fresheners category

Your Own Brand

Indeed, TSI is the leading private label developer in the German-speaking geographic region, being the main developer of many private labels for major retail chains in this region.

Personalised strategies

Strive for more with us.

Do you want to launch a product in a new market? TSI is here to help you decide on the best product or develop the right strategy for your need. Get in touch with our experts to receive individual advice for your optimised solution.

Our Services

TSI guarantees you a high level of service, from the exchange of ideas to the delivery of a quality product in a favorable price range to fast and professional logistics services.

We will understand you from the first contact

TSI’s export team has extensive experience in global markets, as most of the team members – in addition to being fluent in your language – have a commercial background accumulated through working in many countries in the world’s markets.